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Of all mosquito-borne diseases, Japanese encephalitis can be a severe fever with a high mortality rate if not treated early. That's why every year, the hospital receives hundreds of cases of Japanese encephalitis, but there are many incurable cases, the rest is orderly. Let's find out more about this dangerous disease and how to prevent it.
1. Some basic information about acute encephalitis
Japanese encephalitis is a common infectious disease in Asian countries. The cause of Japanese encephalitis is swine fever, avian influenza and the transmission of the disease is Culex mosquitoes and there is currently no specific treatment other than vaccine prevention. Japanese encephalitis is more common in the mountains of northern Vietnam, especially in the rainy season. In the case of southern Vietnam, Japanese encephalitis occurs at different times.
Anyone can be infected with Japanese encephalitis, however, the vast majority of patients infected with Japanese encephalitis are young children. Japanese encephalitis has the first symptoms of fever, headache, nausea. In cases of severe burns between 39 and 40 degrees Celsius that present with coma, shock, loss of consciousness can lead to death. The death toll from Japanese encephalitis is high, however, the survival rate has dropped to 50%.
2. How to prevent Japanese encephalitis
Because Japanese encephalitis is a dangerous disease, moreover, there is no specific treatment, so prevention is very important. Here are some tips to keep in mind, especially for families with young children:
• Clean up where you eat and where to stay
Keep the cattle clean so there are no mosquitoes.
Sleep at night when there is fluids and rain. Families with young children can buy and install mosquito net doors that are both safe and convenient.
• Use mosquito repellent tools such as incense, incense, ...
The Japanese encephalitis vaccine should be given to children aged 1 to 15 years according to the number of 3 shots.
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